Mrs. Herman McKenzie

Gardening Glimpse

In a garden, perennials are wonderful components, coming back each year with little effort on our part, a fine background to the changing display of annuals which are showier, often having a longer bloom season, but requiring effort and expense each year in the replanting.

Gardening Glimpses

With the overwhelming heat, dawn until well past dusk, keeping most of us (including all the sensible gardeners) indoors much of the time, technology (including the sometimes dreaded social media) can be a great idea-producer and a happy distraction, as we face the probabilit

Gardening Glimpses

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” It was the statesman Adlai Stevenson who brought this ancient Chinese proverb back into the current consciousness, when he used it in his tribute at the memorial service for Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1960s.