5 things you didn’t know about ANN SOMERS


Growing up, Ann was a feral child who never wore shoes to play. She thinks the perfect number of dogs in a home is five. Two years ago, she had a sudden revelation to open a pet store. She thinks Pillsbury frozen biscuits taste better than most homemade versions. Nothing makes Ann tear up like seeing a homeless kitten.

Ann Somers decided to leave the world of architecture behind to pursue a new career, while also giving back to the community.

“I was serving on CARA’s board and adoption was a key element I wanted to do and having an adoption satellite was my thought,” she said. “The shop was a way to fund that. Then, the shop took on a life of its own.”

And so, Chipper and CoCo was born.

Walking into Chipper and CoCo, which has been open for about three months, one of the first things visitors will notice is a fenced in area in the center of the store where they keep two adoptable dogs at all times.

In the back of the store, one of the walls is covered with kennels for cats up for adoption through Community Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA).

Easy to wash pet beds with customizable removeable covers, all-natural treats, pet portraits and art, aids for animal anxiety, collars and toys are just a few of the offering available at Chipper and CoCo.

Owners Somers and Bob Potesky, who are animal lovers themselves, have created a one-stop shop for pet owners to find all the best products and services one could possibly need.

Their aim was to provide durable, long-lasting products that are safe and great tasting for the animals and affordable for the humans.

“I always hated getting home and finding that the treats I left out were already chewed up in two seconds,” she said.

So, she searched for long-lasting chews and treats and keeps the store stocked with a variety of options. The shelves are lined with options ranging from hard, long-lasting antlers to chewable bones.

They also have a variety of plant-based treats, from sweet potato to banana.

Most of their products in the store also do give-back programs for animal shelters. Some even allow Chipper and CoCo to choose to donate directly to CARA.

They also offer a variety of services, including pet sitting, pet adoption, training and a do-it-yourself dog wash station.

Somers also saw a need for affordable pet sitting services in the area, whether it’s for a weekend getaway, a week vacation or just a check-in visit during a long workday.

Chipper and CoCo connects trained pet sitters with pet owners for at-home sitting and any of their other “out of town services,” including litter box cleaning, turning lights on and off, watering plants, mail pick up and more.

Chipper and CoCo works with expert trainer Symeon Robins to offer affordable dog training. Robins works with dogs of all breeds and sizes.

With his expertise, they are able to provide group and private lessons to help with behavioral issues and to create closer connections. Featured group classes include puppy and small dog training and leash and obedience training.

For more information about Chipper and Coco’s services or to sign up for training or pet sitting, visit their website at chipperandcoco.com.

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