Once again money dictates


Every year there are numerous discussions between fellow hunters on how everyone’s season is going. It begins with dove season and stops briefly at the end of January. During March and April it picks up for a few weeks when the turkeys are gobbling, then all is quiet until the doves start it all over again.

Hunters still looking for ducks


Where are they? This is the question that I hear almost daily. I don’t think they’re still in Canada. I know they’re not in Arkansas and Missouri. I have contacts there and my friends either text or call me once or twice a week confirming no one is home. They could possibly be in Iowa or Illinois but realistically, I doubt this too.

Remembering Mr. Chollie


I’ll be honest with you, this one is pretty tough for me. I sat in my study and pondered for several hours on not just the content, but where to even start. Emotion flowed from my heart and soul as I struggled for words that might barely attempt to convey to you how special this one is to me.

Duck hunting time again


The drive home from Oklahoma was wonderful. Of course it doesn’t hurt when you can see the tips of antlers in your rear view mirror from the buck in the bed of your truck. The rut was wide open last week on the Cimarron and the North Canadian just below the Kansas line.

Not all easy shots are kills


What happened last November led to the full day exercise this past Saturday. I am doing everything possible to prevent the debauchery that occurred last year from repeating itself again. It has haunted me every day and I catch myself re-playing the scenario over and over until my gray matter is mush.


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