Crossword puzzle


There it was--clipped to his writing board--a half-finished crossword puzzle, USA TODAY, October 24, 2005; his pencil tucked securely under the clip; everything in its place just the way he always left things.

Pour a glass of Shiraz.

Memories from Eastern Europe


A few days ago, my travelling friends and I were nearing the end of a journey that included a river cruise from Bucharest, Romania, to Budapest, Hungary, with a post-cruise extension into Prague in the Czech Republic. Our journey had included stops in Russe, Romania; Vidin, Romania; Belgrade, Serbia; Osijek, Croatia; and Kolocsa, Hungary.

The Holy Land is like no other


January 8 was the time on the 2018 Christian liturgical calendar for remembering and celebrating the baptism of Jesus. On that day my thoughts returned to the Holy Land as they so often do. I recalled the pilgrimage fellow travelers and I made that began with a visit to Jordan and the river that bears its name.

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Northsiders could no longer have to drive to Vicksburg to qualify for the TSA precheck service.


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First Presbyterian Day School sixth-graders (from left) Causey Jones and Casen Macke were chosen Best Manners by their classmates.