Recreating restaurant favorites


When my kids were little, we made a special treat whenever a jar of pickles was finished. We saved the juice, cut up a couple of chicken breasts or tenders, and marinated them in the pickle juice overnight. The next day, we would dredge the chicken pieces in some well-seasoned flour and pan fry or deep fry them in hot oil.

It’s all about the stock


It is January and our Mississippi temperatures are finally dropping (a little). I start craving soup when it’s chilly outside. After the first leaves fall, I get out my crockpot and start making soup. It is my comfort food of choice! Give me a bowl of soup, add in some bread or crackers, and I consider it a perfect winter meal.

Christmas Dinner


Christmas is a magical time of the year and I love to entertain family and friends as much as possible during the holiday season. I love to cook special treats and I enjoy the non-stop parade of people through my door. For many years, we have hosted a big Christmas Eve dinner for my husband’s family and many friends.


Two area high schools have started what will be an annual competition to raise money for waterfowl conservation.