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Pothole Blues


Manpower and money hurting city’s efforts to repair streets

Jackson’s long-planned assault on potholes is less an assault and more an attempt to dip water out of a bucket with a teaspoon.

Last fall, city officials said they had fallen behind on repairing potholes largely because of broken down equipment.

first tee

Margo Coleman uses golf to help teach young people skills for a successful life

For the last two decades, Margo Coleman has worked to give amateur golfers across the state numerous opportunities to improve their skills as players.

Her work even helped some junior golfers earn college scholarships.

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Water Collections Up

Jackson is slowly but surely making progress in addressing its water and sewer billing issues, as evidenced by increased collections in the water/sewer billing department.

Through February 28, the city has collected nearly $22.2 million, or 83.1 percent of total billed amounts.

Dorlisa Hutton on SR1 and purpose

Dorlisa Hutton, a Jackson native, serves as the chief operations officer for SR1. Hutton earned her undergraduate degree in healthcare administration at Jackson State University. She earned her master’s degree in public health from Jackson State and a master’s in biomedical science from the University of Mississippi.



Two area high schools have started what will be an annual competition to raise money for waterfowl conservation.