5 things you didn’t know about KEITH KINKADE


1. He has a fraternal twin, but they look identical.

2. He loves to cook and grill for his family.

3. He is a Billy Joel fan and travels for concerts.

4. He is a member of the MRA Board of Trustees.

5. His father and his wife’s father grew up together, but the couple didn’t meet until later in life.

From earning his business degree at Ole Miss to dressing the Mississippi State football coaches for game days with looks from his current business, Keith Kinkade has made his mark all over the state of Mississippi.

His parents are from the Delta, born and raised. Both of his parents graduated from college in Mississippi. The family moved around a lot, so they lived in Houston, Texas, for some time.

Kinkade graduated high school in Houston with a class of approximately 1,000 students.

“I left high school not knowing where I wanted to go, and I’d just lost my dad my senior year of high school,” Kinkade said. “I kind of wanted to go where my dad went to school.”

His father was a graduate of the University of Mississippi. So, Kinkade decided to pursue his degree at Ole Miss and follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Going from a huge environment in Texas to a smaller atmosphere was a beneficial thing for me,” Kinkade said.

His brother, Kevin, transferred over to Ole Miss during their sophomore year.

“Being twins, no one knew who we were,” he said. “Everyone just called us Kinkade.”

Kinkade double majored in marketing and general business at Ole Miss. He worked his way through college selling clothes in a local men’s store. After graduation, he took a job in computer software for about six months.

Then, he worked for a local men’s store, which he later purchased and sold.

His clothing store, Kinkade’s, opened when his children were one and three years old.

“It’s funny when people bring their young children in and ask if it’s okay,” Kinkade said with a laugh. “There’s nothing in here that they can do that hasn’t already been done before. This place is child-friendly by all means.”


Kinkade fell in love with the business when he first worked for a men’s clothing store in college.

“I really loved the friendship and atmosphere of making people feel good about themselves,” Kinkade said. “You treat people with respect and you do the right thing and you tell them the truth and they’re always going to come back for more advice.”

He says he’s been very fortunate to establish numerous relationships with members of the community over the years.

“It’s my 30th year in the business,” Kinkade said of his years in the men’s clothing business.

Kinkade’s got started 10 years ago in the Olde Towne building located on West Jackson Street.

However, when it first opened, the store was located upstairs in a smaller space. They moved the store downstairs into a larger area a little over five years ago.

“By moving downstairs, we’ve been able to wait on more customers and be on the first floor and continue to grow as we have,” Kinkade said.

As far as the clothing that he offers at his store, Kinkade describes it all as “classic.”

“The things that you buy from us are not going to go out of style anytime soon,” he said. “We sell style more than we sell fashion. We want someone to feel good about their clothes whether it’s today or two years from today.”

Kinkade said that they sell a variety of clothing options as well.

“We sell flat-front pants, we sell pleated pants,” Kinkade said. “We still sell sport coats. Yes, society is changing where young people don’t wear it as much as they used to, but we still sell a lot of it.”

Kinkade’s also caters to wedding parties. They dress about 100 wedding parties each year.

“They pick out a color, we order the suits for everybody in the wedding party,” Kinkade said.


But the suit is not meant for just the wedding. The idea is that the groom can celebrate many important occasions in the suit.

“They can wear that suit to get married in, and later when their child gets baptized or whatever else may arise,” Kinkade said. “It’s kind of fun to say I got married in that suit, I baptized my child in this suit. The suits hold memories.”



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