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When planning for vacation, she and her family prefer destinations where they can explore nature. She and her husband first met at age 15 and began dating at 17. When it comes to exercise, she prefers weight-lifting to cardio. A self-described fan of “older music,” her bucket list includes George Strait and Elton John concerts. Her husband is Italian, so she often spends Sunday afternoons making spaghetti sauce from scratch.

Reminiscent of the old-fashioned drugstores of days gone by, Brick City Drugs may not have a soda fountain, but it is a locally owned and operated pharmacy with a hometown feel.

Brick City Drugs is owned and operated by long-time residents of Madison, Wade Phillips, John Hegi and Drew Hegi. Pharmacists are Meredith Hegi and Kelly Antici.

“We’re your good, ole independent pharmacy,” Antici said.

They created the business with the vision of providing a pharmacy that cares for its patients while also being involved in the community. They wanted Brick City Drugs to reflect the things that are important to them, like intentional patient care, excellent customer service, community involvement and flexibility.

According to Antici, who leads the pharmacy in its daily operations, some of the ways they accomplish this is through their relationships with their customers and by providing needed services, like flu shot clinics and free home delivery for prescriptions.

“Whenever patients walk in, I get a big smile and they get a big smile because you know them,” she said. “It’s not just another person you’re rushing to get to, it’s just a really close-knit community that you’re taking care of. That’s where you make the most impact.”

A native of McComb, Antici earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology from Delta State University. She then attended pharmacy school at the University of Mississippi, where she earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy.

Antici says she is passionate about retail pharmacy and loves having the opportunity to provide to patient care and superior customer service at Brick City Drugs.

“You have the heart in it from the very top to the very bottom,” Antici said of what makes Brick City Drugs unique. “We pour our heart and soul into it, and you can feel that with everybody here.”

They offer a refill option for medications on their website, as well as an app for both iPhones and Androids that allows users to request refills.

Aside from filling prescriptions, Brick City Drugs provides a delivery service and immunizations. The storefront also has a gift shop area for when you have time to spare and a drive-through pick-up for when you’re busy.

“Since flu season is starting up, we’ve got a couple of flu clinics going on,” she said. “Delivery has also been a huge factor. You know this patient needs their medication, and we close before some people get off work. This just makes it so easy.”

For more information about the pharmacy and its services, visit brickcitydrugs.com.

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