Gluckstadt area enjoying commercial and residential growth

As the battle for the incorporation of Gluckstadt wages on, the area is experiencing exponential growth.

“The last time (population) was measured, it was about 2,500 people, based on the 2010 census,” said Walter Morrison, acting mayor of Gluckstadt. “I think it’s probably doubled since.”

That’s not the only growth the area has seen over the past few years. And if you ask Morrison, it’s been substantial.

Madison County Tax Assessor Norman Cannady said the estimated true value for property within the proposed boundaries for Gluckstadt has seen a 12 percent increase since 2016.

In 2016, the estimated true value for property was $416,573,100. It grew to $430,996,700 in 2017. For 2018, it has increased to $466,328,600.

“All sorts of businesses have come to Gluckstadt,” Morrison said. “All you have to do is look at the area. New businesses are popping up left and right.”

According to Cannady, approximately 30 new businesses have opened within the proposed boundaries for Gluckstadt since 2016.

In 2016, a car wash drive-through, a gym, three offices and a store opened their doors in Gluckstadt. The area saw much commercial growth in 2017 when an auto agency, three offices, a warehouse, two restaurants, four shopping centers, a store and two convenience stores opened.

So far this year, 10 new businesses have opened, including two auto agencies or garages, a gym, two mini storage centers, an office and three warehouses.

The area is also enjoying residential growth as well. Fifty-six single residences have gone up in the past two years. In 2016 and 2017, a total of 14 homes were built. In 2018, so far, approximately 42 residences have been built, according to Cannady.

Many factors contribute to the influx of residents to the Gluckstadt area, including low crime, more room for expansion, and the school district.

“The center for any community is its school system,” Morrison said. “Germantown is an attraction for many people who want to move into that community. A good school system draws residential development, and residential development draws commercial development. That’s what you’re seeing now.”

The schools are definitely on the grow in Gluckstadt. Germantown High School began its first year of classes for school year 2011-12 with 602 students enrolled.

For school year 2018-19, the school has approximately 1,203 students enrolled.

Germantown Middle School has 1,031 students enrolled. There are 1,959 students enrolled at Madison Crossing Elementary, Mannsdale Elementary School, and Mannsdale Upper Elementary combined.

This comes to a total of 4,193 students enrolled in the Madison County School District’s Germantown zone from kindergarten through 12th grade.

However, Madison County School District Superintendent Kimber Halliburton said the schools in the Germantown zone currently have room for more students.

“We at Madison County Schools work closely with a demographer to anticipate and plan for growth before it occurs so that we can be ahead of the game with population trends,” she said.

Halliburton said that while the district has not outgrown the campuses within the Germantown zone, school officials monitor growth across the county so that they may anticipate future needs.

“As the Germantown zone continues to grow, we will look at addressing those needs with a future bond issue,” she said. “In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with builders, local officials and our demographer to plan to best serve the needs of our students and families we serve.”


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