County allocates additional money for road projects

Madison County recently approved additional funding for several road projects including paving Stout and Catlett roads.

During a board meeting, supervisors voted to spend $630,000 on Stout and Catlett roads as well as Ricks Drive, which is located in Canton off Mississippi Highway 22.

“I’d like to make a motion to take $600,000 out of the general fund to pave Catlett Road from Stribling Road to Stout Road, and Stout Road from Catlett to Calhoun Parkway,” District 4 Supervisor David Bishop said. “Also, I’d like to ask to put $30,000 on Ricks Drive…”

At that point, Bishop additionally asked to take another $120,000 from the general fund to put toward North Agency Lane, west of Patterson Crossing in Ridgeland, and St. Augustine Road in Madison.

“I know the importance of Ricks Drive,” District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said. “That is the alternate route that they’re using now, with King Ranch Road bridge closed. It’ll beat your car up…”

Griffin made a substitute motion to focus on Catlett and Stout roads as well as Ricks Drive, totaling $630,000 from the county’s general fund.

“Maybe we can come back next meeting or the meeting after to consider any other roads,” he said.

Griffin’s motion was unanimously approved.

Later in the meeting, District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen asked to add North Agency Lane and St. Augustine Drive to the county road plan, which the board unanimously approved as well.



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