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Northsiders honor Det. Sharon Jordan for solving area home invasions

Det. Sharon Jordan can add a pair of golden handcuffs to her trophy case. 

The Jackson Police Department (JPD) veteran was recently honored by Northsiders for solving a string of home invasions in the Highland Circle neighborhood.

Jordan’s efforts netted her a wooden plaque, complete with a set of golden handcuffs, and took five dangerous criminals off the streets.

“I worked hard on this case. It made me sick,” she said.

In early August, crooks broke into four or five homes in the LOHO neighborhood.

The suspects typically entered through kitchen windows and stole keys, purses and wallets before fleeing the scenes. In some cases, the suspects also stole vehicles, police said.

Authorities also said crooks were armed and knew individuals were at home before entering.

“I had to catch these guys before they killed someone, or before someone woke up and found them in their homes,” Jordan said. “I didn’t want anybody to get hurt.”

Sgt. Obie Wells assigned the case to the detective, knowing she was the right person for the job.

“Broken down into man-hours, she spent about 10 to 11 hours a day (working on the case),” he said. “She did a great job.” 

The long hours did take their toll, with Jordan ending up with pneumonia.

However, the sacrifices were well worth it. Her work has had a long-lasting impact. “We had a rash of crime in early August. With them being arrested, we haven’t any more problems in that area,” she said.

Jordan got a break in the case when cameras recorded suspects using a victim’s credit card at a south Jackson IHOP. She also was able to view video footage from a neighbor’s surveillance system, which recorded suspects fleeing the scene of one of the Highland Circle break-ins. Jordan also found a written confession from one of the suspects on social media.

In the end, the detective was able to connect the Highland Circle invasions to earlier auto thefts in Vicksburg and Rankin County.

To date, five suspects have been arrested.

Two of the individuals, Curtis Wilson of Jackson, and Leon Miles III of Vicksburg, were still being held at the Rankin County Detention Center.

“They’re the ring-leaders,” Wells said.

Three others, Joshua Harper, Kunjara Jackson and Darius Walsh, all of Vicksburg, were out on bond.

The suspects were being charged with felony counts of accessory after the fact, auto theft, burglary of an occupied dwelling and auto burglary.

The cases had not gone to a grand jury at press time, but had been turned over to the Hinds County District Attorney. Jordan believes others will be named as the cases move closer to trial.


John Morgan Hughes’ was one of about a dozen homeowners who helped organize the event honoring Jordan. The event was held on November 13, at Cantina Loredo. About 30 people attended, including Jordan’s family and the JPD command staff.

He said the meal was a way to say, “We recognize and appreciate (the fact that) your job’s tough and you don’t get the credit you deserve,” he said. “It was a great event.”

Hughes’ home was broken into on the night of August 4. Crooks stoke his keys as well as his fiance’s purse. The suspects dropped his keys on the way out, and were unable to take his car as a result.

“Every light in the front of the house was on. It was obviously occupied and they came in,” he said.

Hughes was relieved to know the suspects had been identified and at least two were still behind bars.

“A video (shows) one of the individuals going through a house with a brandished firearm, the same way law enforcement would clear a house,” he said. “This is not a steal your bicycle type of thing.”

The Northsider was especially impressed with how well JPD communicated with homeowners following the incidents.

“We got handcuffs, spray-painted them gold and gave them as a gift. It’s something silly, but (something) special that she would appreciate,” he said.

The meal was paid for by homeowners, and the bill was cut in half by Cantina Loredo management.

“I was so appreciative and grateful,” she said. “I worked so hard on that case.”

Jordan is a graduate of Callaway High School and Jackson State University, where she majored in criminal justice. She has two children, a son who is working two jobs, and a daughter who is a student at Hinds Community College in Raymond.

She joined JPD right after college.

Since joining, Jordan has been named precinct “officer of the month” 15 times, and has earned a certificate of commendation. She also has been recognized by citizens for her hard work.

Jordan, though, doesn’t do policing for the awards or the recognition. Rather, she loves the work. “I take pride in what I do, and I love being a police officer,” she said. “I love helping people.”


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