James McGowan retiring


Former Precinct Four Cmdr. James McGowan is retiring after 27 years with the Jackson Police Department.

McGowan previously headed up the North Jackson precinct before being promoted to district commander under former Police Chief Lee Vance.

On Monday, McGowan announced he was retiring on a social media post.

Here is that post:

"Last week I advised the City Of Jackson that I am officially retiring from the Jackson Police Department effective this Saturday, after over 27 years of service to the City of Jackson Police Department. This has been a lifelong goal (wanting to be a Police OffIcer) and hoping to make it to retirement. I pray for all of the Officers and staff at JPD that are doing a very difficult job under very difficult circumstances.

"Always remember we do this job to keep the Citizens of Jackson and each other safe from the people who want to do us harm. I will still be around working so this is not a goodbye. If you had my number, that’s my personal number so keep it if you need me.

"God Bless all Police, Fire, and EMS that do this job daily. Watch out for each other and be safe.

"Thank you to all of my family and friends for supporting me through the years."

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