JPD unveils newly designed police cruisers

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Interim Police Chief James Davis recently unveiled the Jackson Police Department’s new fleet of 46 newly designed police cruisers.

“Over the last few years, we have not purchased new vehicles for our officers. We’ve had officers who have been riding in vehicles that do not have adequate air conditioning and did not demonstrate the safest conditions to ride in. And so, we are excited about this opportunity where we can initiate the process of purchasing and providing new vehicles to our officers. At the end of the day, the goal that we are setting out for is a goal to protect our citizens,”  Mayor Lumumba said.

The new fleet of 2018 Ford Taurus vehicles features an orange stripe with blue lettering and a newly designed seal, all to help improve community engagement with Jacksonians, boost morale, and improve the image of the police department as a whole.

“The idea of the color and the choice of going with the new design was one that was initiated out of our planning and development department and it is especially appropriate that we stand here in front of the Welcome to Jackson sign because the color and scheme and idea was one that was initiated behind the excitement that the citizens had about the new Welcome to Jackson sign.

“It represents a new direction. It represents a new day. And, I have always said and I continue to state that this is a radical administration that represents a radical city that more than wants to change the conditions in Jackson. But, we stand on the proposition that we want to change the condition of the world.”


The Mayor said the new design came from a desire to make the Jackson Police Department stand out and foster new relationships with a “new, fresh design that our officers look good in.” Deanna Gentry, executive assistant to chief of staff, Dr. Safiya Omari, is credited with creating the design.

“I am excited about the direction we’re going in and I thank the Mayor for giving us some well overdue cars. Our fleet has aged. As the Mayor mentioned, we have cars where our officers are riding around with no air, but with these new cars, it builds morale and it gives us a new hope for the police department and this city,” Chief Davis said.

Of the new fleet, 45 cruisers will be divided amongst four precincts and one will go to the training academy. They will be driven by patrol officers and lieutenants.

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1. He drove a blue ‘77 Chevy Nova in high school. 2. He played on Jackson Prep’s 1985 and 1986 state championship basketball teams.