Lake Caroline

South Madison county subdivision continues to grow and attract homeowners

Thirty years after the dam on Lake Caroline got under way, the Madison County neighborhood is still growing and still going strong.

Today, Lake Caroline has 1,200 homes, ranging in price from $250,000 to “well over $1 million,” and a vibrant homeowners association that hosts numerous events throughout the year.

The events draw large crowds, including visitors and prospective buyers. “I’ve actually heard of several people who come out to look at houses for sale during the Fourth of July or (on) New Year’s Eve. When they can see what’s going on at those events...,” said Jennifer McCrory, administrative assistant with the Lake Caroline Owners Association.

The neighborhood is located on approximately 3,000 acres in an unincorporated part of South Madison County. Amenities include two lakes, the 835-acre main lake and a smaller 70-acre Camden Lake, as well as a walking trail, two swimming pools, two clubhouses and tennis courts.

The neighborhood has grown along with Madison County, and is having to make improvements to meet the needs of new residents.

“We are building a third pool that will be larger than the other two combined,” McCrory said.

“The wet weather has put us behind schedule but we’re working really hard to get it open,” said Tommy Guest, Lake Caroline’s business manager. “We’ve got the parking lot installed and the gate installed. Now, we’re working on the pool, the decking and the restrooms.” 

The pool will be 66 by 70 feet, and include an infant pool, a tanning ledge, restrooms and a space to build a pavilion in the future.

Construction on it began at the end of January, he said.

Neighborhood amenities like the new pool are coupled with Lake Caroline’s numerous events and programs.

“This year, we’ve offered a boater education course, an Easter egg hunt for kids, a spring event,” McCrory said.

In addition to the Independence Day celebration just held, their events planned include a catfish tournament, children’s and adults’ Halloween parties, breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus and a New Year’s Eve party.

“On top of that, we do some luncheons for local fire departments and the sheriff’s department for Madison County,” she said.

Events are funded by homeowners’ association dues. As soon as residents purchase a home or lot, they’re required to pay assessments.


In all, the neighborhood has about 1,200 homes and 500 undeveloped lots. The development includes 10 distinct neighborhoods, divided by home size and value. Lot sizes range from half an acre to multiple acres, said Mark Jordan, master developer.

“Some are multi-acreage, but there’s no demand for them. People don’t want to maintain it and if they do, they don’t want (the acreage) to be in a master-planned community,” he said.

Lake Caroline is governed by protective covenants. All homes built must go through an architectural review process to determine the structure’s quality and compatibility with the neighborhood.

Homes range in size from 1,600 to 5,000 square feet.

The neighborhood has “a healthy mix,” with millennials, young families, older families and retired couples.

Jordan took over Lake Caroline in 1998. At the time, the neighborhood was in the middle of nowhere.

“When Nissan was announced, it became the middle of everywhere,” he said. “We’re dead center between Flora, Canton and Madison.”


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