LeFleur East sells Creekmore house

A local neighborhood group has scrapped plans to use a former home on Old Canton Road for an event and office space, and is now looking for a new location.

The LeFleur East House, a two-story home at 4658 Old Canton, has been deeded to James Holt Crews, of Jackson, according to Hinds County Chancery Clerk records.

The news comes five years after the facility was donated to the group.

LeFleur East had hoped to use the home as a foundation headquarters and to host events, much like the Cedars is used in Fondren.

However, the plans were opposed by the Acadia Court neighborhood, located next to facility.

The city of Jackson first awarded LeFleur East a special exception to use the facility as a professional space in January 2013. The exception has been renewed each year since, including in February 2017.

In January, the council was expected to approve the group’s renewal as part of a consent agenda, but the measure was opposed by Baxter Brown and Doyle Moorhead, both of Acadia Court.

The council voted to table the LeFleur East measure until the February meeting, where the measure was approved on a 3-0-1 vote.

Council members Ashby Foote, Margaret Barrett-Simon and Tyrone Hendrix voted in favor of it. Ward Two Councilman Mel Priester abstained, February minutes show.














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