Madison board of supervisors takes no action on landfill


The proposed North County Line Road landfill remains in limbo, as the Madison County board of supervisors decided to take no action on the matter last week.

NCL Waste made it to one of the final steps in the process required before construction of a landfill in Mississippi, which is the point where the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) permit board votes to approve or deny NCL Waste’s permit applications.

However, the permit board made a subsequent motion last month requiring an updated needs assessment before it will vote on the permits required for the proposed landfill to become a reality. The permit board voted to table the decision until an updated “determination of need” for the landfill is completed.

Since then, Mark Williams, the solid waste and recycling programs administrator at MDEQ, sent letters to NCL Waste and the board of supervisors that states the needs assessment would need to be conducted by the county.

The board of supervisors discussed Williams’ letter in executive session, but ultimately decided to take no action at this time.

“At this point, we just went over it with our attorney and no action will be taken,” said District Three Supervisor Gerald Steen. “We are actually going to wait and see what the minutes from DEQ says. Seems like there is some confusion there or a possibility of some confusion there.”

When the process to construct the proposed North County Line Road landfill began in 2003, the law required a needs assessment to be done during the permit application process, which begins several steps into the process of construction of a landfill.

In 2006, the law changed and now requires that a needs assessment be completed at the time local government approves the landfill as part of its solid waste plan.

Williams told the Sun that there has not been a needs assessment from Madison County since 2003, hence the need for an update.

A needs assessment considers five factors: the county’s existing waste capacity compared to incoming waste volume; if the new landfill would help replace exhausted capacity; the amount of waste coming in from the service area and its effect on capacity; the effect on the county’s waste reduction and recycling plan; and certification of zoning consistency.

Williams also told the Sun last month that the permit applicant, NCL Waste, could legally pay for the county to hire a consultant to conduct the needs assessment to prevent it from being a public expense.

NCL Waste, LLC, is seeking the following permits: a solid waste management permit for the operation of the proposed municipal solid waste landfill; a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for storm water runoff; a wastewater pretreatment permit for the discharge of leachate to a permitted wastewater treatment facility; an Air Permit to Construct air emission equipment; a Title V air permit for the operation of air emission equipment; and a water quality certification regarding impacts to waters of the state and wetlands.

The site of the proposed landfill is a 166-acre property located at 2858 North County Line Rd. near Ridgeland, with approximately 89 acres projected to be designated for disposal area.

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