Madison County supervisors presented status update on Reunion Parkway project


County officials and engineers are making headway on the Reunion Parkway project, according to a presentation from Waggoner Engineering last week.

The Reunion interchange is an ongoing project designed to help decongest traffic in the Gluckstadt and south-Madison County area.

Waggoner Engineering transportation manager Chad Edwards gave a status update on Reunion Parkway Phase Two, which is the segment that runs from Bozeman Road, across I-55 and ties into Parkway East.

During a presentation to the Madison county board of supervisors, Edwards said their scope of work on Reunion Parkway Phase Two is 68 percent complete.

The Waggoner contract includes roadway plans that establish the right-of-way limits and bridge recommendations including span arrangement and bridge beams.

This work is Phase A of the project. Phase B, which has not been contracted out yet, will include finishing the project to make it construction ready.

There are five major tasks currently underway, according to Edwards

“The bridge will have a two-span arrangement similar to Gluckstadt. Right now, we’re looking at about a 235-foot bridge, asymmetrical with the longer side being on the southbound interstate lanes, which will accommodate the future expansion for MDOT.”

The Geotech portion is a little further behind than they would like to be, but that is due to the rain the area has been experiencing recently, he said.

The field review, or right-of-way, plans are around 58 percent complete and are an ongoing effort.

“I guess the nugget that you want to take away, the bottom line, the overall project progress, we’re sitting at about 68 percent. That puts us right on schedule, if not a little ahead,” Edwards said.

The roadway portion is a boulevard section with a raised median and multiple lanes for travel with facilities for pedestrians, including sidewalks for walkers and bike riders.

The bridge section will also have sidewalks for pedestrian access.

At the most recent meeting with MDOT, Edwards said there was some discussion about the configuration that Edwards presented to the board last week.

“Traffic in Gluckstadt is a concern and could result in changes to the project between now and the presentation in January,” Edwards said.  “Their concerns are, with the loop configuration where it is, there seems to be some issues with truck traffic being able to get up to speed before the ramp traffic merges with it. So, we would be looking at extending that lane and giving it its own lane and then bringing the ramp parallel to or further down.”

If changes are made, that would affect the right-of-way. Edwards said an upcoming meeting with MDOT will determine if the concerns are valid.

“Aside from that, everything else is moving ahead on schedule,” Edwards said.

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