News Briefs

Riverside Update

The first phase of the Riverside Drive Reconstruction Project could be bid out late this year.

Engineers were still drawing up plans for the first phase last week. The plans are expected to be completed by November, and the project will be bid out.

Actual construction could get under way early next year.

The first phase is expected to cost around $8,777,000 and will run from the I-55 North flyover bridge to Peachtree Street.

Plans include reducing the roadway from one east and one west-bound lane and median and adding a sidewalk along the south side of the street and a multi-use trail along the north side.

It also calls for replacing the water and sewer lines underneath the street to lessen the likelihood of the street being damaged by main breaks once work is completed.

Plans are being based on public comments taken at a meeting last year.

As part of the project, engineers are working to preserve many of the roadway’s iconic live oaks running along the median.

The street is one of the worst on the Northside and has been ravaged by Yazoo clay and water main breaks.


New Airport Lighting

The Bruce Campbell Airfield will be undergoing improvements in the coming months. City officials recently authorized a contract with Neel-Schaffer for professional engineering services.

“It’s a project to replace the edge lighting along the runways and taxiways,” aviation engineer manager Tom Henderson said. “Both systems have been in place for close to 20 years, which is right at the lifespan FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) expects out of the lighting system.”

The project has not yet gone to bid for a contractor but will in the late spring to early summer of this year.

“We’ll start immediately on the design… We’d expect a contractor to start, depending on the grant process — we have to go through the process with the FAA to get the grant approved, between July and September.”

The contracting work should take 90 to 120 days, Henderson added. The project will be paid for with grant money from the FAA and matching funds from the Mississippi Department of Transportation, for a total of approximately $500,000.


Madison-Ridgeland Academy had a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the opening of the new middle school building and dining commons.