Road projects in county overview


Madison County engineer Dan Gaillet says he was hired to “pave roads and move traffic,” and he hopes to accomplish both with several road projects that are underway in the county.

“We are looking at short term, midterm and long-term projects to accomplish those goals,” Gaillet said. “We have a number of road projects underway.”

Gaillet said construction will begin soon on Weisenberger Road between Parkway East and Highway 51.

“Bear with us as we start building that road,” Gaillet said.

The plans include elevating the road two and a half feet and adding a right turn lane eastbound.

The turn lane should help alleviate heavy traffic at peak hours from Highway 51 to Parkway East.

“We’re going to pull those right turn lanes out and help move traffic through that intersection,” he said. He added that the project is similar to work that was done on Yandell Road.

The road will be lifted as a result of some flooding issues that area has had in the past.

“We expect that project to take three to four months depending on the weather,” Gaillet said. “We hope to have that finished up before the start of the new school year.”

On Gluckstadt Road, the county is looking to add an eastbound lane to address some traffic problems that are occurring there.

This will result in two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane.

The right-of-way acquisition part of that project is underway right now.

Gaillet said there could be utility crews out working as early as this week.

They hope to begin construction over the summer.

Another priority road project for the county is the interchange at Reunion Parkway.

There are two more segments to that project that will soon begin.

They are working on acquiring right of way for the third phase, which is from Highway 51 over to Parkway East. If everything goes smoothly, then they could break ground on Phase Three early next spring.

Reunion Phase One was paved in 2016, which runs from Highway 463 over to Bozeman Road.

An environmental study is currently in the works for the middle segment, the bridge over the interstate and interchange.

The bridge alone will cost $24 million.

Gaillet anticipates hosting a public meeting sometime soon to give an update on the project and allow time for public comments.

After that will come the design process.


Plans are in the works for a project on Bozeman Road, from Gluckstadt Road to Highway 463, along with a 10-foot wide multiuse path.

“From 463 to Reunion Parkway will look like Highland Colony Parkway,” Gaillet said. “There will be two lanes both north- and south-bound to Reunion. There will also be two southbound, left-turn lanes at the intersection.”

The road will be two lanes, but open to three lanes near some of the larger neighborhoods.

He anticipates a year or more to acquire all of the right-of-way. So, they are looking to break ground in ‘21 or ’22.

“So, don’t be surprised if this thing seems to hang around for a while. Right-of-way acquisition is a difficult process,” Gaillet said.

Funds were recently awarded for a Stribling Road Extension project to improve the intersection at Catlett.

The plan is to widen the road to three lanes in anticipation of the future development at Falls Crossing.

“We hope to get started on that soon. Maybe next summer,” Gaillet said.