An absurd location for a landfill

Allowing the construction of a new landfill in one of the most prosperous, fastest growing areas of our state makes zero sense.

The proposed site is directly in the path of the city of Ridgeland’s expansion, Tougaloo College and some of the newest subdivisions in the area. The negative impact on property values would be immense. Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee and just about everybody else opposes this horrible proposal, and we wish them the best of luck in stopping this ill-advised plan.

It’s not like Mississippi is lacking in land appropriate for a landfill. Even Madison County, with its rapid growth, has huge expanses of land miles and miles from developed areas. We understand that this landfill was approved many years ago when the absurdity of this proposal was not so evident, but that is no reason to allow this landfill to proceed today. If local officials lack the standing to stop this, then we hope the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality can refuse to permit such a facility so close to residentials areas and future development.

Some Madison County supervisors are afraid of litigation. That fear is unfounded. If county officials won’t fight to keep a stinky landfill from being built right next to growing residential areas, then what good are they? This battle should be fought by all means necessary. The unusual zoning variances and closed-door deals over last 20 years underscore that this project was a sweetheart deal manipulated by those with political connections. It’s wrong and should be stopped.

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