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Randy Watkins’ love of golf takes him to the U.S. Open and mentoring young players on the sport.
Car show to benefit diabetes foundation.
City plans changes to mass transit system; hiring consultant.
Olivia moore gives back to community through establishing city tennis camp. When athletes make something look easy, they’re said to be “putting on a clinic.”
A new campaign was recently launched to bring roads and bridges to the forefront of this year’s statewide elections.

Honor Roll

Students listed to the honor roll at Madison Ridgeland Academy for the fourth nine weeks include:


Fourth Grade


E-books to Chromebooks: Tech is key in Madison County schools’ classrooms

Madison County Schools are rising to the challenge of teaching in a technology-driven society by aiming to produce digitally-proficient and well-rounded students.

Sludge contract completed


Jackson can finally put a controversial sludge-hauling program in the books. 

The Jackson City Council recently approved the final payment to Partridge-Sibley Industrial Services and GA Transport (PSI-GA), the firm brought on to haul tons of sludge from the Savanna Street Wastewater Treatment Plant.

News Briefs

More on Costco

The Mississippi Supreme Court’s ruling in the Ridgeland Costco case stands. Last week, the high court handed down a ruling denying Ridgeland’s motion for a rehearing in the case.

Change is a constant and we must learn to accept it


Societal attitudes and pressures lead to encounters of more change. Today interpersonal relationships lead to either marriage or live-in relationships. The number of people living in marital relationships keeps diminishing as couples choose to live together without benefit of marriage. It has become more acceptable to do so.


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Andy Brown (center) was recognized for earning his Eagle Scout rank at Troop 8’s May Court of Honor at First Baptist Church of Jackson.