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A settlement could be on the horizon in the city of Jackson’s $225 million lawsuit against Siemens Industry.
Madison county leader and family enjoys exploring europe in addition to snow skiing out west.
Madison County School District is working to accommodate growth with lasting additions including a new facility to house  sixth-graders in the Germantown zone.
MadCAAP’s fundraiser scheduled October 1.
Established overlay districts proving successful for Jackson.

School Board

The 2017-2018 Madison Central High School PTO board members are (from left, back) Dara Bariola, Holly Dean, Marcy Scoggins, Collin Hutchinson, Sandra Strain, Julie Tipton, Terri Iupe, Stephene Johns, Kelly Riley, Jennifer Ishee; (fourth row) Mitcie Reid, Tammy Barham, Penny Melvin, Tracey Thrash, Charlie Price, Kim Whitten, Alicia Knotts, Lisa

Honor Roll

Students listed to the honor roll at Madison Ridgeland Academy for the first nine weeks include:


Fourth Grade

Count your blessings


“The tables have turned in so many ways and this will be the last time I have everybody over for Thanksgiving dinner,” I had said earlier this fall to my two daughters-in-law, Gail and Binnie Jo.

“You’ve said this for as many years as I can remember,” Binnie Jo answered. “And I’ve been in this family for over 20 years.”



State marks bicentennial with museums opening, events

Thousands of people are expected to flock to downtown Jackson this weekend to celebrate the opening of the two Mississippi museums, an event which coincides with the state’s bicentennial.

News Briefs

Carwash hearing

Developers are hoping to put a carwash on Lake Harbour Drive, but the Ridgeland planning and zoning board has recommended the board of aldermen reject the proposal.

A public hearing will be held December 19 at city hall during a regular board of aldermen meeting.

Jim Wilkirson on works of JXNUNITED

Jim Wikirson is executive director of the Fondren Renaissance Foundation (FRF) and a member of JXNUNITED, a group of neighborhood association leaders that meets regularly to discuss common concerns. He recently spoke to Sun Senior Staff Writer Anthony Warren about the group.


So what is JXNUNITED? How did it start?


Breaking News

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Madison-Ridgeland Academy students who maintained the highest academic average among all sports and activities for the 2018-2019 school year were (from left) Alexandra Cullom, Nicolas Rowan, Bryce