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Reform is desperately needed for Mississippi’s defined benefit pension system.
One summer morning in mid-August, Ridgeland resident Lisa Magee noticed a foul odor at her home in Dinsmor subdivision.
Tax Collector Kay Pace is working to make errands like paying property taxes and renewing car tags easier for Madison County residents.
The Reservoir Police Department is taking steps to ensure the safety of Ridgeland motorists with the installation of traffic camera equipment.
The constant squealing and splashing distracted me from my task of watching the briar studded ridge.

Lottie Boggan’s latest book addresses dark subject; book signing February 24


Special to the Sun

Lottie Brent Boggan has been writing for The Northside Sun for more than 30 years. Her “Keeping up with Lottie” column is just a small sampling of her forte - finding humor even in the darkest events.

However, the subject matter she tackles in her latest release, “Mr. Honeycut,” is anything but funny.

What you think you know


“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The Big Short, a movie based on the Michael Lewis book about the sub-prime meltdown, opens with this quote. And attributes it to Mark Twain. It sounds like Mark Twain. He could have said it or written it. But it appears he didn’t.

I'm Home!


As of Wednesday, January 17, I’m back in Mississippi to stay. After living in Southwest Florida for about three years, it’s good to be back.

New Southern board member

Ernest Moniz, former secretary of the Department of Energy during the Obama administration, is joining the board of directors of Southern Company, the second largest utility company in America and parent of Mississippi Power Company.

SIDS benefit

Century Club Charities, the host organization for the Sanderson Farms Championship, presented a $7,500 donation to the Mississippi SIDS & Infant Safety Alliance.


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William Arnold (Bill) Pyle began his quest for knowledge in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 21,... READ MORE


William Arnold (Bill) Pyle began his quest for knowledge in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 21,... READ MORE