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Recent bill could be contributing to increase in vagrancy

A bill authored by a North Mississippi lawmaker likely has increased panhandling in the capital city.

Four years after it was approved by Jackson’s one-percent oversight commission, the Riverside Drive Reconstruction Project has yet to get off the drawing board.

Special Olympics hosts fundraiser

Stadium gate named in honor of longtime supporters of University of Mississippi

The Children’s Defense Fund recently released nine policy changes that could help lift 5.5 million children across the country out of poverty.

If all goes according to plan, contractors could begin repaving yet another section of North State Street by mid-August.

‘Ranks High’


Museum Boulevard high priority according to CCID criteria

Jackson taxpayers will be spending nearly $2 million in new infrastructure funds to repave Museum Boulevard, while far worse – and far busier – streets in the city remain untouched.

brightens day


For 48 years Maniel Brown has served Madison county school district

The squeak of a garbage can’s wheels down the hall and a simple “hey, hey” are enough to brighten any day for Madison County School District central office staff.

Road projects in county overview


Madison County engineer Dan Gaillet says he was hired to “pave roads and move traffic,” and he hopes to accomplish both with several road projects that are underway in the county.

“We are looking at short term, midterm and long-term projects to accomplish those goals,” Gaillet said. “We have a number of road projects underway.”

City considers revising gating ordinance again; applications withdrawn


Third time could be the charm when it comes to the city of Jackson’s public access gating ordinance.

Less than two years after it was amended, the city council could again be considering amending the city’s gating rules.

The news comes following two contentious public hearings for gates on the Northside.


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Recent bill could be contributing to increase in vagrancy

A bill authored by a North... READ MORE


Aaron Pelch, interim athletic director and head football coach at Millsaps College, has been formally named as athletic director. Pelch will continue to serve as head football coach.