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Flushing the toilet could be a problem for some Northsiders, another complication resulting from the Pearl River flood.
City, county and state officials have been working to help with evacuations and with rescues. 
Flow coming from the reservoir spillway dam
Officials with the Ross Barnett Reservoir said today that they were nearing capacity and would begin releasing more water beginning late this afternoon.
Operation Sandbag at Public Works Maintenance yard on Michael Avalon Road. Hundreds of cars and trucks are waiting to pick up and fill sand bags at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.
As the Pearl River rises, houses at the intersection of Rollingwood and Dendron take on water.
Flow coming from the reservoir spillway dam

Disincentives to work

One of the reasons for Mississippi’s slow economic growth is that too many people don’t work. And the numbers bear that out: the state’s labor force participation rate, defined as the percentage of the population 16 and over that is employed or looking for work, is 58 percent compared to a national rate of 63 percent.

Speedy hearings

New rules for handling criminal cases will hopefully end the too-common practice in Mississippi of holding accused offenders indefinitely behind bars with no court action.


First Presbyterian Day School’s Crusader Club parent organization is made up of multiple committees of parent volunteers.

State strength

Ellen Bourdeaux, a project manager with the Mississippi Development Authority’s Asset Development Division, spoke recently to the Metro Jackson Lions Club Bourdeaux and discussed Mississippi’s strengths as a state, as well as its efforts to bring in new industry. Shown are (from left) Bourdeaux and Lion George Porter.


Slow boat to china


“It’s been a long day, but we covered what we wanted to see in Taipei, Taiwan,” said Edrie Royals, my roommate for the cruise as she and I climbed aboard Tour Bus 23. I sat back and buckled my seat belt as the bus growled, shifted gears, and pulled out into traffic.

It had been a good day.

State economics

Scott Waller, CEO, Mississippi Economic Council, was a recent guest speaker of the Rotary Club of Jackson. Shown are (from left) President Brooks Buchanan, Waller, and Carol Hardwick, club executive director.

Council leaders

Jackson Academy’s middle school student council for 2017-2018 is led by (from left, back) Adams Kennedy, Elizabeth Copeland, Fran Wilkirson, Mary Manning Farese, Caroline Crisler, Ava Ladner; (middle row) Coleman Chustz, Anna Carlisle Nichols, Regan Felder, Amelia Dare Bowman, Canon Bosarge; (front) Olivia Quin, Lilly Gebhart, Annalee Willson,


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1. She took her first ceramics class at seven years old at Pickenpaugh Pottery. 2. She and her father got their black belts in Tae Kwon Do together.