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They all came, and they were present and accounted for. The five daughters came to celebrate their mother's 88th birthday.

Lisa, her husband and two young teenagers had traveled from Virginia. Donna made a long trip from California, and Beth and her son jumped across state line from Alabama. Tiny Margaret and her daughter came from Texas and last but not least, Michelle, who lives in Madison, Mississippi, was accompanied by her husband and her daughter Zadie and husband Brandon.

Patsy, the honoree, and I grew up together in a very small Delta town of Pace, Mississippi. When Christmas rolled around, Pace may have celebrated with a population of 150 people!

Patsy and I started school in the first grade together. As a matter of fact, Patsy lived closer to school than anyone. All Patsy had to do was walk over the railroad tracks and she was on the school grounds. This trek may or may not have taken more than five minutes!

A small room had been reserved for the party at Ridgeland Place. We fit in but no more room for us around the table. An evening meal was served. There was a lot of conversation because there were 20 or more people at the table and family of five daughters catching up on the news.

"Happy Birthday" was sung to their mother. After the meal, a beautiful pink cake with roses decorated on it was served to everyone. Patsy had a box of birthday cards to view and almost a complete wall of framed pictures that would soon go up in Patsy's apartment. There was time for visiting. I had not known the five daughters, but I did have time to visit with each one. Each one is completely different and neither of them looks like their mother. But they were a lovely group of ladies.

Lastly, there was hugging and saying goodbye since the daughters were breaking up and leaving.

Birthday Bash - a party for Patsy and everyone had fun. Good things must come to an end. Safe journey. Read John 14:6

Walter Redden is a Northsider.

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