5 things you didn't know about Stacey Wall


1. His two siblings were in college when he was born.

2. He has two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that he calls his children. They are both well-known around the Pinnacle Trust office.

3. His two sons live on opposite coasts, with one in Seattle and the other in New York.

4. When he gets the chance, he loves to listen to podcasts, particularly sports and true crime.

5. He has always wanted to be able to play the piano and sing.

For many, the thought of saving for retirement, or other lofty financial goals, could seem daunting. Stacey Wall, Pinnacle Trust Chief Executive Officer, said it is his job to help clients plan properly to achieve their goals.

Wall has lived in the Jackson metro for most of his life. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business.

In 1982, he first entered the financial services industry. Then he began working with Sunburst Bank in 1991, which was based in Grenada as Chief Investment Officer for the trust and asset management group.

He later served as the head of the trust and asset management group for Mississippi in 1994.

“I wanted to start my own company in the financial services industry,” Wall said of himself in 1996, when he turned down a job offer.

And so, Pinnacle Trust was born. Wall, Beth McGaugh, and Jana Parrish joined together to create a Mississippi-based independent trust company with the goal of helping clients achieve financial fulfillment and security.

“I figured out that what I really enjoyed the most was helping people to achieve financial security,” Wall said. “We manage investments for clients, but a big part of what we do is the planning component.”

First, Wall said they must identify the client’s needs, such as what their goals and plans are for after retirement and how much they would need to save to comfortably do those things.

“We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients, not only from a financial standpoint, but personally,” Wall said, “because everyone has a different plan. Everybody has a different dream.”

The staff at Pinnacle Trust offer a variety of services for clients, including investment management, financial planning and corporate retirement plans. Wall said that Pinnacle Trust is the only private trust company in Mississippi.

“So, we can serve as a corporate trustee for people who need trusts,” Wall said.

Their mission is to educate their clients about financial planning and work with them to help them achieve financial security.

Wall said they have experienced much growth since ‘97. When Pinnacle Trust first opened its doors, there were four employees who worked with clients in Mississippi. Now, there are 18 employees working with clients in more than 20 states across the country.

On the Pinnacle Trust website, pinntrust.com, they keep an updated “Knowledge Center” where the blog “Pinnacle Insight” and podcast “Mind on my Money” are published.

“We try to be on the front end from a technology standpoint,” Wall said of their blog, which they started years ago, and social media accounts. “We are very active on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Months ago, a podcast producer approached them about starting their own weekly podcast as a way to tell the Pinnacle Trust story. Episodes are available on the Pinnacle Trust website and the Podcast app for smartphones and cover topics from fitting wine into your budget to advice from insurance experts.

For more information about Pinnacle Trust or to find podcast episodes, visit


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1. He has been married for 21 years to his high school sweetheart. 2. He and his wife have four children.