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As a patient, do you ever find yourself frustrated with the lack of access to your physician or long wait times for appointments? Somehow, patients have become lost in the current system, and physicians have become frustrated with bureaucratic red tape that prevents them from taking care of the patients that they have taken an oath to serve. Direct Primary Care (DPC) restores the focus on the patient-physician relationship required to bring about meaningful change in a system that has lost sight of the most important person in the room, the patient.

In today’s world of government regulations and insurance overreach most patients never have access to a physician for more than 10 minutes at a time. Gone are the days where the patient and physician have the time to get to know one another and develop an understanding of what is best. Both physicians and patients suffer in this type of system where decisions on care become more based on cost and business objectives rather than individualized health goals.

How many times have you gone to the doctor only to be seen by someone you’ve never seen before? What if you went to your accountant’s office and were shuffled off to another accountant instead? Would you want someone unfamiliar with your finances giving you advice? Then why do we accept this kind of treatment with our health? Your most important asset is your health and most Americans are leaving the care of that asset up to whomever is available to see them on a given day.


By prioritizing the “relationship” between patient and physician, DPC allows both parties the power to pursue what matters most—the patient’s health and welfare. This approach of taking the time to build a long-term relationship gives your physician the advantage of fully understanding your healthcare needs. Good advisors have time to understand their client’s needs, and good physicians need the same time to solve their patient’s problems. DPC affords physicians that time.

In the DPC model, physicians are paid directly by their patients through a monthly membership. This direct payment relationship helps maintain the alignment of goals and incentives to provide value for patients as well as transparency. Without the interference of insurance and government, the focus becomes improved access and better health instead of maximized revenue.

DPC membership benefits include unlimited clinic visits with no co-pays; access to your physician via text, phone, email and video chat; saved time by use of in-clinic medication dispensing for most drugs; reduced wait times with same or next day appointments; annual flu shots; and extended wellness visits.

NewCare MD is the leading Direct Primary Care clinic in Mississippi. The company was founded in Madison in 2017 by Dr. Micah Walker and Dr. John Vanderloo and has seen explosive growth since opening. Leveraging that success, NewCare MD opened a second clinic in Flora to bring quality healthcare to rural Mississippi. With a goal of providing access to DPC to all Mississippians, NewCare MD is planning to expand by bringing physicians to communities throughout the state.


Patient’s experience DPC very differently than traditional fee-for-service delivery models. “I can call Dr. Walker and tell him what’s going on with me, and I know that I am getting the best medical advice for me, from a physician that I have a relationship with. It is important to me that my physician know my health and understand my concerns when giving me advice or dispensing medicines. I so appreciate that he knows me personally and that relationship is worth any price,” Kimberly Lynn, NewCare MD patient.

 “The Patient-Physician relationship is under attack from many outside interests. I believe that good relationships are where good care comes from and having the time to spend with my patients in a DPC model allows for a strong patient-physician relationship,” said Dr. Micah Walker.

A quote often attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt says, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” It is upon this principle that NewCare MD seeks to care differently for its patients. From small business to families, DPC practices are changing the landscape of healthcare, as patients are treated like people rather than numbers.

Contact NewCare MD for more information at or call them at 769-300-0700.

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