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The most common new year’s resolutions relate to diet, exercise, and losing weight. Most of us have tried and failed. Losing weight and looking better is important, but so is feeling better and developing habits that are sustainable. One of my goals in starting BEAMS Fitness Studio was to provide people the tools they need to break the cycle of new year’s resolutions and develop habits that will not only provide them the exercise they need to lose weight, but to develop a healthier lifestyle.

BEAMS stands for Breath, Energy, Alignment, Movement, and Stability. Our classes in yoga, Pilates, Barre, and personal fitness training are designed to provide cardiovascular exercise, encourage deep meditative breathing, and strengthen core muscle groups that will increase your overall strength and quality of life. Our well-trained staff will evaluate clients’ needs and ensure that you receive the personalized instruction you need, whether in a class setting or in private lessons.

As a teen, I was a competitive dancer, which naturally led me into fitness, first by teaching Zoomba and other aerobic exercise classes. After being exposed in college, I developed an interest in yoga and became certified before moving on to obtain my certifications in Barre and Pilates. I came to firmly believe that yoga, Barre, and Pilates in a more intimate studio setting is the best year-round fitness setting for most people. Our staff has a myriad of certifications, has trained with some of the most famous instructors, and has decades of experience. In addition to teaching, I have taken many yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes at different studios across the country and firmly believe that BEAMS Fitness Studio can provide the same quality of instruction that is available anywhere in the country.

As I noted earlier, we hope to provide clients the tools to meet their fitness goals throughout the year. Specifically, BEAMS Fitness Studio provides personal interest and encouragement that many clients need. Everyone’s interest and energy levels lag, and our policy is to recognize, reach out, and encourage our clients. In short, we want to maintain an ongoing dialog with our clients to ensure their needs are being met. It is through that personal touch that we hope to earn our clients’ continued business.

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