Martinson’s Garden Works


Special to the Sun

Martinson’s Garden Works is excited to launch a brand new department of their local family owned garden center this spring. Preparations and renovations are under way this winter to open a bespoke indoor plant boutique, stocked with great varieties of houseplants and very unique vessels.

The shop will be focused around the joy of growing plants indoors in both new creative ways and some old familiar ways. Great design always boomerangs from era to era, and the look of our new space hinges on that fact. Expect to see lots of mid century elements as well as throwbacks from the seventies.

One example is a fantastic selection of hanging planters called, “Knot Yo’ Mama’s Macrame!” You will find containers of all kinds…vintage, recycled, hanging, earthy, colorful, natural, quirky, wall- mounted, collectible, kitchen-oriented, and, well…sometimes, just plain kitschy.


Garden Works’ co-owner, Mimi Martinson, has devoted lots of time this winter to scouring flea markets, estate sales, and junk shops to hoard a unique collection of interesting plantable containers. Her flea market finds define the new shop’s chief premise… curated. This great collection of vessels will mix beautifully with a variety of other planters selected alongside her husband and co-owner, Allen Martinson, on their latest buying trip to market in Atlanta.

The vessels are currently being planted in Garden Works’ greenhouses and will be ready for sale by the grand opening around the beginning of March. In the meantime, renovations to the sales area will be completed, and many shipments of new goods will pour in.

The varied pieces are sure to bring an element of interest to just about anyone. These planters will make wonderful, unique gift items and will be geared as such by the addition of customized, stylish gift packaging detail.

We will also schedule some hands-on workshops and evening classes that will allow people to create their own custom designs. Succulents and air plants are on top of the trend list right now and will certainly be a focus in the store. Terrariums will also be on the shelves alongside trendy houseplants that offer air-purifying benefits and just make us happy.

To track our progress and watch for announcements, sneak peeks, and the schedule of upcoming events head to and join our email list. Share your tips and pics with the community by following us on Facebook and Instagram.


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