5 things you didn’t know about BRIAN BECKHAM


He brings his rescue pup, Willow, to work with him every day. When traveling, he enjoys spending his time in off the beaten path locations. He is not a fan of having his photo taken. In his spare time, he likes to unplug and takes joy in the peace and quiet. His love of design and decor carry over into his home life.

After some time traveling and working abroad, Brian Beckham made his way back to Mississippi to set up shop with a different concept and experience than most jewelry stores.

The Carthage native moved away from Mississippi for 18 years. When he moved back to Mississippi, he came to Jackson in 2009, where he set up shop and established Beckham Jewelry.

While he was away, he studied abroad and began working for an international diamond company. He would travel to different places and open up new locations for the company in duty free ports throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska.

He moved from place to place for years and never lived in one place for more than two years at a time for 18 years.

After studying at the Gemological Institute of America in California, he went to the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Bangkok, which is where he specialized.

“At the time, I wanted to get into the colored stone wholesale market and be the liaison between the mine and the manufacturer,” Beckham said.

He ultimately decided that work was not for him, so he moved back to Mississippi to put down roots.

“What led to where I am now was just insanity,” Beckham said jokingly.

He said the store is actually the culmination of all the work that he has done previously in various areas of the industry.

“I’ve been a jack-of-all-trades in the industry. I’ve done a little bit of everything,” he said. “What I want to do is change the landscape and the culture that the industry has built.”

Beckham said that as the customer experience is changing, brick and mortar stores have to offer something that a customer cannot purchase with a click.

That’s where Beckham Jewelry comes in.

Walking into the store, two things stand out immediately: the large displays that line the walls on either side of the store and the windows that give customers full view of the shop where the jewelry is created.

Those elements are by design, as Beckham created the layout of the store to have the look and feel of an art gallery, while also giving customers a view of the shop for the sake of transparency.

Beckham said the shop is the heartbeat of the store, so they don’t try to hide it.

His main goal is to be a manufacturer that is available to the public.

“I wanted a different selling atmosphere. I wanted a different concept and experience than the typical jewelry store,” Beckham said. “First, I wanted it to be casual, but also have an art gallery feel.”

When customers enter the store, Beckham said he likes to be shoulder to shoulder with them and begins by asking a series of questions to really get to heart of what they are looking for.

“I like to talk to people and ask questions and find out what they need,” Beckham said.

The store’s inventory changes daily, as he doesn’t typically restock items after they have sold.

“There’s always something different in the case,” he said.

The inventory is based on a lot of things, including trends, but also the occasions for which one would purchase jewelry.

“It’s a romantic and emotional buy,” he said.

So, Beckham Jewelry offers a large bridal selection, as well as pieces that can be purchased for anniversaries or “doghouse” gifts.

“We’re a little different. It can be anything. We do have that luxury because anything you want, we can build it,” Beckham said.


He is a huge fan of recycling jewelry people no longer wear anymore to create something new.

For this service, Beckham starts with a consultation to determine what the customer’s needs are and what they can use from the piece to create something different.

“We’re a manufacturer, so we can build whatever they like. We also really encourage upcycling,” Beckham said. “We’re artists. We love to design. So, we have a creative atmosphere.”

In addition to their custom jewelry making services, Beckham Jewelry also offers complete jewelry repair services. 



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