5 things you didn’t know about CAMERON ALBRITON


He loves saltwater fishing. He and his dad and brother take a trip to fish each year. He is a big fan of live music. He adores his two little girls, Posey, 4, and Carlyle, 2. He loves trying new microbreweries. He and his wife, Susannah, take their girls to Amelia Island, Florida, every year for vacation.

Cameron Albriton has always had an interest in business since he was a child, so it was only fitting that he joined his father, John, in the family business, Albriton’s Jewelry.

Albriton was born and raised in the Jackson area. He is a graduate of Jackson Academy and the University of Mississippi.

At Ole Miss, he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus in marketing.

“I had an idea that I wanted to go into the family business,” Albriton said. “I have always loved selling things. I just thought it was fun.”

He recalls his earliest business venture, when at four years old, he gathered up a bunch of pine cones and grass and fixed them into a piece of aluminum foil and balled it up.

He made his way through his neighborhood, approaching neighbors to sell his homemade wares.

“I would go around with a wagon,” he said. “I’d sell it to my neighbors for whatever they would pay me. My mom always thought it was hilarious, because my neighbors would give me like 50 cents or something and as I walked away, they would just empty the grass back out into their yard.”

He spent some time at Albriton’s Jewelry when he was in high school, but he did not work there until after he graduated from college.

After a year working at Albriton’s, he decided to take the leap and traveled to California, where he earned his gemologist degree.

He describes the business as a full-service jewelry store, offering not only a wide variety of pieces, but also jewelry and watch repair, pearl restringing and engraving.

“We have several established, well-known brands,” he said.

He has also enjoyed helping bring in additional brands over the years.

As for how they select their inventory, Albriton said they only choose quality pieces.

“We don’t like to bring in any company or piece of jewelry that we don’t think is going to hold up,” Albriton said.

They also tailor their inventory to match what their customers want. 

He said they’re a “big bridal store,” so they stock a lot of engagement rings and wedding bands, in addition to options for anniversary gifts and remounts, among other things.

“We have a heavy presence there as far as brands and merchandise,” Albriton said of their bridal selection.

They also offer non-brand jewelry as well, for those who are after a certain look and not necessarily interested in brand names.

“When a customer comes in, I want to be able to offer them something that fits their budget and their taste. So, we try to have a little bit of everything,” Albriton said.

They offer a broad range of merchandise that fits all budgets. Much of their inventory is selected during their trips to jewelry shows in Las Vegas each summer.

“We do a lot of our buying for the year at that time,” he said.

For Albriton, what made him fall in love with the business is the interaction with people and getting to know his customers.

He said it is fun to help customers make special purchases, from small surprises to big occasions.

Albriton said they have a lot to offer both women and men. Their men’s selection includes everything from watches and cufflinks to pens and pocket knives.

His wife, Susannah, runs their social media accounts and helps organize all events. The couple have two daughters, Posey and Carlyle.  


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