5 things you didn’t know about MARCY NESSEL


She is passionate about gardening. She grows flowers and vegetables. She became a grandmother this year to Beckett Eric Nessel. Her partner, Gilbert, is an Aussie, but loves living here. She loves her gallery and the artists she works with. Her current goal is to learn more about the practice of yoga. It’s something she and Gilbert enjoy.

Throughout Marcy Fischer Nessel’s life, she has developed a passion for art and has been on a journey to discover artists whose work speaks to her ever since.

Nessel is the owner of Fischer Galleries, an art gallery nestled in an upstairs loft in a building that formerly housed a company that manufactured jeans.

Her goal for the past 11 years – since opening her gallery originally in Fondren, then moving to President Street – has been to create a warm and inviting environment, not only for artists to display their work, but for patrons to visit and take it all in.

“The thing about art, when work speaks to you, it can bring tears to your eyes,” Nessel said. “I’ll walk through the gallery and will stand in front of something for a long time just taking it all in. It feeds your heart, your soul, your mind, your being.”

Nessel grew up in Jackson, as her parents moved to Mississippi from Chicago during the ‘60s.

“I loved growing up here, and I’ve loved raising my children here,” Nessel said.

The gallery only features art by Mississippi artists, or those who grew up in Mississippi or has strong ties to the area in some way.

“Most everyone we show lives in Mississippi, is from Mississippi or has a relevant Mississippi connection,” Nessel said.

While Nessel does not consider herself an artist, she has always studied art and art history.

However, she did not pursue art as her career initially, but she has always taken art classes and has been drawn toward creative pursuits.

“I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by wonderful art,” Nessel said. “My parents collected art throughout my childhood.”

Her mother loved to paint and studied under Myra Green when Nessel was growing up.

She would know her mother was creating her art when the scent of oil paints wafted through their home. It was not uncommon for the kitchen table to be covered in oil paints.

The day Nessel took her first job in the art world, she was leaving the grocery store when she received a call from James Patterson and Lynn Green Root.

That day, they asked her to work for Patterson selling Root’s artwork. She worked for Patterson for around 10 years.

“He was a tremendous mentor, and brilliant and talented,” Nessel said. “It’s funny how life sometimes takes you to where your passions lie.”

She grew to love the artists she was working with and developed a passion for art.

“It’s this magical thing that feeds your soul. That’s what art does,” Nessel said.

Her love for the artist rivals the love she has for the patrons who walk the perimeter of her gallery, enjoying the work before them.

“We have a very supportive community that supports the gallery and the artists,” Nessel said.

Many recall the days when they would visit that very building to purchase jeans while back-to-school shopping.

“People can be so intimidated going into a gallery,” Nessel said.

This is why she chose that particular location and space. She wanted a space that is warm, open and inviting. 

“I try to bring a lot of warmth. I thought that this was a very relaxed, nice, easy environment to look at some great artwork,” Nessel said.

The gallery also allows her space to work with many different mediums, to place large installations or large-scale ceramic pieces and sculptures.

Each month, the gallery typically hosts one show.

For a full list of featured artists, gallery hours and more, visit the gallery website fischergalleries.com.

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