5 things you didn’t know about SCOT THIGPEN


He has never seen Game of Thrones or Star Wars. He has participated in the Olympic torch relay. He once met the wrestler Andre the Giant. In high school, he won a hamburger eating contest after scarfing down 23 burgers. He authored the book “Chasing Solomon,” which was inspired by his grandmother.


At Thigpen Group Wealth advisors, the company’s moto is “live your life.”

CEO Scot Thigpen said this motto captures the essence of what they try to do each day: help their clients reach their financial goals, which can translate into other areas of a person’s life.

“The whole idea of helping people with their money and financial planning really grabbed me,” Thigpen said.

“The reason for that is that money impacts so many areas of somebody’s life. That’s what’s so rewarding for me is really getting to talk and interact on a deeper level that develops over time.”

Thigpen said their client relationships all begin with a conversation.

“First, we have to identify what’s really important about life for you,” Thigpen said. “We develop that relationship and determine what it means to each person to live their life, and then we help them meet those objectives.”

Thigpen, a Jackson native, has worked in the investment management and financial planning arena since 1991.

He was born and raised in Jackson and is a graduate of Jackson Prep.

He graduated from Mississippi State University in ‘87 with a B.S. degree in accounting.

He began his career with KPMG Peat Marwick as a CPA before moving to Merrill Lynch in 1991 to work as an investment advisor.

Later, he joined Executive Financial Planning as a partner before selling his practice in 2006.

Soon after, he founded Solomon Financial, which is now known as Thigpen Group Wealth Advisors.

Thigpen said the financial service industry is very broad, but what makes Thigpen Group stand out is the fact that it is a fiduciary.

“We are what’s called a registered investment advisory (RIA) only,” he said. “What’s distinguishing about that is that anyone with an RIA practice is obligated to be a fiduciary. A fiduciary means we have to act on a client’s best interest.”

“That’s a big distinguishing factor. It makes us very independent and makes us operate in a capacity where we are always putting a client’s best interests first,” he added.

Thigpen Group offers full scale wealth management, which means they offer comprehensive total financial planning.

“Our approach is very goal oriented,” Thigpen said.

He said they also provide multi-generational wealth management, meaning they have several clients within the same family.


They have many household relationships within the mass affluent segment. Thigpen describes their client base this way because there are a lot of different accounts that a family group could have.

The key areas that Thigpen Group deals with are financial planning, investment management, insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning and charitable giving.



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