5 things you didn’t know about WRIGHT SCOTT


He was a member of the Jackson Academy chess club during his high school years. He doesn’t consider himself much of a comic book fan, except for the X-Men. He likes to spend his Sunday mornings out by the lake bird watching. He is an avid tennis player. He has worked at Great Scott in every capacity, from bookkeeping to cleaning.


Elegant, stylish, refined. This is how Wright Scott, co-owner of Great Scott, describes the clothing and accessories the store has to offer.

Great Scott is a men’s clothing store, offering everything a man needs from head to toe.

Wright graduated from Ole Miss in 2002 with a degree in operations management and a minor in marketing.

He worked men’s retail in Oxford, but he did not know he would eventually end up co-owning Great Scott with his father, Steve.

“It was a job at first, but it turned into a career,” he said.

Born and raised in Jackson, Wright returned to his roots after graduation and would join his father in business.

Steve started the store in ’86 in Maywood Mart. When it first opened, it was 1,800 square feet, which they outgrew quickly.

When Wright was younger, he would help out around the store.

“I would do everything from being the janitor to the stock boy,” he said. “I did some bookkeeping.”

Three years later, Steve purchased a 3,200 square foot building on Old Canton Road, but eventually outgrew that space as well.

The store is now 5,000 square feet and offers everything needed for a gentleman’s lifestyle, according to Wright.

With their in-house tailoring shop, Great Scott offers alterations free of charge for the life of the garment.

They also offer made to measure suits, sport coats and shirts by a variety of brands and hundreds of fabric options.

Other services at Great Scott include shoe shining, wardrobe consultations and gift wrapping. They also have a full-service barber shop.

This is all in addition to their wide variety of clothing and accessories.

“We have you covered from the dressiest suit you need for a wedding, funeral or interview, down to workout gear for the gym,” Wright said. “From athleisure to the golf course to casual events. For any event, we have you covered.”

Wright said their collection is “very refined, but casual at the same time.”

“Since styles have changed over the years, you can really have fun with the clothing,” he said. “And we have a little bit of everything. If a gentleman needs to get dressed or go out of town, we have everything covered.”

They select their inventory carefully and attend market in New York and Chicago to choose spring and summer collections, as well as fall and winter.

Wandering into the store on any given day, a customer is likely to run into Steve or Wright, as they work at the store six days of the week.

As for Wright’s personal style, he prefers a contemporary fit and classic clothing.

“I like the nicer things we carry personally. Canali sport coats, Italian shoes, designer denim, sneakers, Shinola watches, Randolph sunglasses,” he said.

The sales staff also provides an experience for customers by helping put together outfits and select the best items for a particular person’s taste.

“We’re not just salesmen here. These are guys who understand fashion and understand how to dress,” Wright said.

They discuss with a customer the event they are dressing for and help select the right pieces to get the appropriate look.

“I always say, I want you comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing,” he said. “We want to put you in things where you’re not thinking I have to get dressed up and go to this event. We want you going to the mirror saying, ‘I look good. I’m ready to go.’”

However, everyone has different taste. Wright said they work hard to offer different fits and styles to meet the needs of anyone who walks through the doors of Great Scott.

“That’s why there are menus at restaurants. No two people like the same thing. We aim to cater to different tastes,” Wright said.

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1. He drove a blue ‘77 Chevy Nova in high school. 2. He played on Jackson Prep’s 1985 and 1986 state championship basketball teams.