Auto Burglar Sought

A person of interest has been identified in connection with a series of auto burglaries that have occurred in the city of Ridgeland over the last couple of months.

The person of interest is believed to be a resident of Ridgeland or the North Jackson area.

Ridgeland police are working to identify the man with surveillance camera stills.

“Some work was done by the officers when it first started. It was a rainy night and we were led to believe they were on bicycles,” Police Chief John Neal said. “Someone called and reported some suspicious activity.”

As officers were headed to that call, they passed a guy on a bicycle, so they reviewed security camera footage in that area and determined the man pictured to be a person of interest.

The individual has a distinct blonde bun.

“That is very distinct, so we hope someone will recognize that and call,” Neal said.

Neal said approximately 12 auto burglaries have been reported in the last two months.

Neal said the incidents have primarily happened in the Pear Orchard, Lake Harbour and County Line Road areas.

Most of the burglaries occurred at apartment complexes and neighborhoods in Ridgeland. Neal added that they have been sporadic, with a few happening every other week.

According to Ridgeland police, the method of entry has mostly been through unlocked or unsecured vehicles with valuable items left in sight.

Neal said of the auto burglaries that have occurred recently, only one was forced entry.

“We believe they’re walking around with flashlights and looking for unlocked doors,” Neal said. “If it’s unlocked, they know it’s easy access.”

Police advise residents to lock up their vehicles and remove all valuable items.

“Reminder to residents, regardless of where you live, lock your vehicles. Lazy criminals prey on lazy victims,” Neal said.

He said the department devotes many man hours to investigating these cases.

“If we could just get people to lock up their cars, so many of these would stop happening,” he said. “Get those doors locked.”

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