Beautification Grant

Those commuting along Highland Colony Parkway will soon have a more scenic route thanks to a grant from America in Bloom and CN Railway.

The City of Ridgeland was awarded a From the Ground Up grant to plant trees in the median along Highland Colony Parkway, from Old Agency Road to County Line Road.

Mayor Gene McGee believes the $25,000 grant will improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to Ridgeland.

“Obviously any time you can do things to provide more green space is a quality of life thing,” McGee said.

He added that the city places much emphasis on environmental issues, including protection and the replanting of trees.

Currently, city officials are deciding on the types of trees that would be best for the project.  “They won’t all be the same,” McGee said. “There will be several varieties. Once we get that done, we will seek proposals to do the work.”

The From the Ground Up grant will reimburse the city $25,000 for the cost of the trees. Ridgeland will match $25,000 to complete the project, including $5,900 for trees, $15,450 for installation and $3,650 for mulch, according to a plan submitted to the Ridgeland board of aldermen.

The plan projects a total of 162 canopy trees, including Willow Oak, Southern Red Oak and Nutall Oak, and a total of 147 understory trees, which will be crape myrtles.

The grant got started by CN Railway as a way to encourage communities along the CN corridor to take environmental action by improving their communities through natural landscaping, groundcover improvement, floral displays and healthy urban forests.