Bids for Ridgewood

Jackson is slowly but surely addressing sewer problems along Ridgewood Road, with repairs recently wrapping up on two projects.

The Jackson City Council recently approved paying Utility Constructors nearly $124,000 to repair a 600-foot collapsed line between Lenox Drive and Pineland Drive.

The city received three bids for the work, with Utility’s coming in the lowest, according to city officials.

The measure was approved unanimously, with Ward One Councilman Ashby Foote and Ward Seven Councilwoman Virgi Lindsay both voting in favor.

Work has also wrapped up on a main break repair at Ridgewood Road and Roswell.

Utility was brought on for that work in September, to repair a roughly 730-foot section of sewer main. However, the contact had to be amended after another collapse developed during the work, Public Works Director Robert Miller said previously.

“A CCTV investigation identified several more sections of pipe that were deteriorated and/or missing,” he told the Sun previously.

Public Works is seeking permission to amend the contract to pay Utility another $363,000. However, the amendment was not voted on at the November 20 or December 4 council meetings.

The city must repair the main breaks as part of a sewer consent decree. Any break that causes sewerage to leak into the environment is considered a “sanitary sewer overflow.”

Jackson is fined for any instance where untreated wastewater enters a creek, tributary or other public body of water.


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