Center first in nation to use ROSA to perform outpatient knee replacement surgery

Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center performed the first knee replacement in an outpatient setting in the United States using a robotic assistant, ROSA, at their outpatient surgery center May 28, 2019. 

Trevor Pickering, MD, used the ROSA robotic assistant for a left total knee replacement using this cutting-edge technology.  “This day is a milestone in knee replacement, one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world,” says Dr. Pickering.  “We are excited to have this remarkable new technology to offer to our patients.”

The ROSA robotic assistant is a robotic arm that is controlled by a computer and assists the surgeon by placing vital instruments at the precise place on the knee to facilitate the work of the surgeon in a more exact manner.  According to Dr. Pickering, the ROSA robot “lets the surgeon plan the end-result of the surgery before the surgery even begins.  So, when the patient enters the operating room all the necessary measurements have already been entered into the computer.” 

“The ROSA robot uses everyday x-rays to map the knee and plan for surgery.  No additional CT scan or MRI is needed.  This saves money and the patient’s time,” states Dr. Pickering. Whether used for a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement, the ROSA robot assistant is a patient-friendly advancement in an important surgery that can significantly improve the quality-of-life of patients.

A 3D model of the patient’s knee is created prior to surgery using plain x-rays from their clinic visit and the surgeon is able to plan the necessary steps for a precise knee replacement before surgery. “Ultimately, the ROSA robot offers a more efficient and accurate surgery for patients, making it safer and more comfortable for patients.  The recovery is faster, and the knee replacement will offer longer-term improvement in function. This is done with no additional cost to patients,” states Dr. Pickering.

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