Court date set in Jackson water shutoff case


Jackson’s motion to dismiss the attorneys in the city’s water shutoff case will be heard by Judge Tiffany Grove next month.

This morning, Chancellor Grove set a hearing for 1:30 p.m., Thursday, August 8, to hear arguments in the city’s motion to dismiss three attorneys representing plaintiffs in the matter.

Five Jackson residents and one Jackson business filed a complaint last month, saying the city should end water shutoffs for nonpayment, citing problems with the Siemens overhaul.

All plaintiffs are Jackson water customers.

Jackson filed suit against Siemens days before the residents filed their complaint.

The city is asking the court to dismiss plaintiff attorneys Pieter Teeuwissen, Anthony Simon and Jeffery M. Graves, the attorneys representing the customers, citing a conflict of interest.

Teeuwissen and Simon both worked with the city when it entered into the contract with Siemens, according to court records. Teeuwissen served as city attorney, while Simon advised the city on issuing nearly $90 million in bonds to cover the Siemens work.

Jackson argues that Teeuwissen “is now representing the plaintiffs in a substantially related matter in which the plaintiff’s interest are materially adverse to the interest of his former client.”

The city argues that Graves also should be disqualified because he has been “privy to confidential and privileged information that both Teeuwissen and Simon would have gained from their city clients during private consultations and executive sessions.”

Jackson entered into the Siemens contract in 2012. Teeuwissen was city attorney from 2009 to 2013. Simon was hired as co-bond counsel and both were involved “in virtually all aspects of the performance contracting agreement between the city and Siemens Industry,” court documents state.

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