Fire Insurance Dropping

Some Madison County residents will soon see their insurance costs drop.

The Madison County board of supervisors recently approved for the South Madison Fire District to annex three adjacent areas that are located within the county and are not situated within corporate boundaries of any existing municipality.

The fire district will provide fire protection services to those areas by the end of the month, according to fire chief Henry Davis.

For much of the area proposed to be added, there was no corporate fire protection available. However, the area continues to become more populated because of increased development.

Part of the proposed annexed territory is presently being served with fire protection service by the city of Madison, but the area lies outside of the city’s corporate limits.

The city of Madison did not object to the proposed annexation, according to attorney John Scanlon.

The district’s rating recently went from a seven to a six. The rating comes from the Insurance Services Office using the Public Protection Classification system.

Ratings are given from one, which is the best, to 10, which is the worst.

The rating is based on several factors, including fire equipment, manpower and water supply. So, residents will benefit by having reduced insurance rates.  


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