Hearing scheduled February 26 on Gluckstadt’s Incorporation


The first jurisdictional hearing for Gluckstadt’s incorporation has been moved for a second time, but progress on the area’s assimilation into Madison County is still steady.

The hearing was originally scheduled for September but moved to February 26. “We’re also taking a few depositions, but besides that there’s not much going on,” Appointed Mayor Walter Morrison said.       

The Madison County court changed the date because of a scheduling conflict.

“Shortly (after), there’ll be a trial on merits of incorporation,” Morrison said.

Last February, Morrison filed the petition for Gluckstadt to be incorporated as a Madison County city. Simultaneously, the city of Canton filed a lawsuit to annex some land that overlaps with the Gluckstadt boundaries.

To make matters simpler, the Madison County court combined the two issues into one lawsuit.

Canton’s annexation is not a new issue, but the recent filing was completed suspiciously close to Gluckstadt’s filing of their incorporation petition in February of this year.

“We understand there has been action by the Canton Board of Aldermen to file a second annexation that proposes multiple areas and includes portions in Gluckstadt boundaries,” John Scanlon with Pyle, Mills, Dye and Pittman attorneys told the Sun last year. “The annexation runs southwest of the main city, down I-55, and takes in a primary intersection in the center of the Gluckstadt incorporation.”

Scanlon is one of the lawyers managing the Gluckstadt incorporation petition. He also helps represent the city of Ridgeland in legal matters.


According to Scanlon, Canton had an annexation some years ago that included an intersection projected to have major commercial development that never came to fruition “for various economic reasons.”

The intersection is located at Sowell Road and I-55 and does not currently connect to the main portion of Canton. 

The current annexation includes multiple areas and portions of the proposed Gluckstadt boundaries.

Before the incorporation petition was filed last February, it had gained 73.64 percent of registered voters’ signatures in the area. The petition only needed 66 percent to be filed.

“We had 107 surplus signatures. That amounted to 1,250 signatures in total,” Morrison said.

The area of Gluckstadt consumes 11.1 square miles and includes a little more than 900 homes.

The proposed area also lies within four of the five Madison County districts, all except District 3, according to Morrison and Kerry Minninger, a member of the Citizens for Gluckstadt.

For more information about the Gluckstadt incorporation, visit www.gluckstadt.net.



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