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Summer is in full swing and at Jackson Area Federal Credit Union, we’ve kicked off our Summer auto refinance campaign. This year’s theme is “Rate got you feeling blue? Call the Loan Doctors @ JAFCU!” We have all of our staff on board to make this year’s refinance campaign the best it’s ever been! On Mondays and Fridays, you can catch our staff in our island reef color Refi promotion t-shirts. All staff have a teddy bear on their desk and we’re handing out gummy bears as we inform our credit union members about the promotion! This year’s theme is focused around health and so we are even wearing scrub pants on Fridays!

As in year’s past, our Summer auto refinance campaign is focused on refinancing autos by paying off other lenders! We have discounted our already low auto loan rates with 1% APR off and we are donating 1% of the loan amount (max $250) to Credit Union for Kids which benefits the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children!

During our auto refinance promotion, our goal is to refinance a credit union member’s auto loan from another lender. Many times, we are able to lower their interest rate, reduce their monthly payment and even shorten their loan term! It’s astonishing the exorbitant rates that credit union members are paying in auto loan interest. We feel like the reason this happens is because our credit union members go to the auto dealers car shopping and finance with them out of mere convenience. We are excited to be able to help so many credit union members by saving them money in loan interest! It all goes back to the credit union movement’s philosophy, “people helping people”.

Our mission each year is to raise the most funds for Credit Union for Kids and to donate it to our charity of choice, Mississippi’s own Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children. For the last several years, Jackson Area Federal Credit Union has been the top credit union fundraiser for Credit Union for Kids in the state of Mississippi. In 2018, Jackson Area Federal Credit Union raised $16,650 for Credit Union for Kids and all funds were donated to Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children.

How can you become a member of Jackson Area Federal Credit Union? If you live, work, worship or attend school in Hinds County, MS, you’re eligible! We also serve a diverse group of select employee groups! We invite you to check out Jackson Area Federal Credit Union on our website, jacksonareafcu.com. You might just find out why we do everything a bank does, we just do it better.

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