Jackson has the second-fewest officers per capita among comparable cities in neighboring states.

At the same time, Jackson has the greatest number of civilian employees when compared to the same cities.

According to FBI crime stats, Jackson has a population of 170,000, 409 sworn police officer and 232 civilian employees in the Jackson Police Department (JPD).

Broken down, the department has one officer for every 416 residents, and one civilian employee for every 733.

By comparison, Shreveport, a city of 196,467, has one officers for every 374 residents and one civilian employee for every 1,051.

Mobile, which has 249,921 people, has fewer police officers per person than Jackson, but also fewer civilian workers.

The police department there has 496 officers, or one for every 503 people, and 240 clerical workers, or one for every 1,041 residents.

Little Rock has one officer for every 329 people and one civilian police employee for every 1,744.

Montgomery has one policeman or woman for every 396 people, and Chattanooga has one officer for every 410.

The cities have populations of 198,800 and 177,801 respectively, according to the FBI’s Web site.

As for civilian employees, the Little Rock Police Department has 114, or one for every 1,744 residents, while Chattanooga has 89, or one for every 1,998 of its inhabitants.

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