Madison, Ridgeland get road help from county


The cities of Ridgeland and Madison have finalized interlocal agreements with Madison County which will result in several road projects.

In a recent board meeting, supervisors approved the agreements, which include matching funds and full funding for road projects in both cities.

County attorney Katie Bryant Snell prepared both agreements for the county.

“I’ve been asked to go ahead and get the interlocals prepared,” she said during an October board meeting. “(Ridgeland) subdivision roads include Chinquipin Cove ($11,500), Clearwater Cove ($9,000), Edgewater Drive ($28,500), Gateway Drive ($15,000), Lakeshore Drive ($14,500), Rivergate Cove ($10,500).”

All the roads are located in the Gateway North subdivision. Snell said the total cost share for the county adds up to $89,000, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the city.

“All subdivision roads in county cities receive a 50/50 split,” Snell said. “The board approved a policy that only subdivisions are (split) 50/50. Thoroughfares are 100 percent (funded by) the county, except cities maintain those after they’re paved.”

The two main roads in Ridgeland that will receive a facelift this fiscal year are Old Agency Road and Rice Road from Pear Orchard Road to U.S. Highway 51.

The board previously approved the $134,000 project on Old Agency Road, but Snell said there were some timing issues. The Rice Road project will cost $100,000, leaving the county with a $234,000 bill for two of Ridgeland’s main roads, as well as a $89,000 bill for Ridgeland subdivision roads.

All road projects in Ridgeland should be complete by late summer or early fall of 2018.


The second interlocal agreement was for the city of Madison.

Madison subdivision roads that will receive improvements during the 2018 fiscal year are located in the Northbay and Summit subdivisions and will be rebuilt and overlaid.

In Northbay, roads include Hillchase Drive ($13,000), Long Cove Drive ($29,250), Long Cove Court ($4,875), St. Charles Place ($27,625), Bayview Drive ($30,875), Baytown Row ($7,312.50), Baytown Square ($4,062.50), Derby Drive ($16,250), Woodgate Drive ($26,000), Greenview Drive ($19,500) and Hampton Way ($16,250).

In the Summit subdivision, Aspen Drive and Vail Cove will be rebuilt and overlaid for a combined cost of $20,000.

All county funds for the Northbay and Summit subdivision roads, a total of $215,000, will be matched by the city. 

The major thoroughfare in Madison that the county will fund is North Old Canton Road from Hoy Road to Green Oak Lane. This project will also be a rebuild and overlay for a total cost of $60,000.

“The city agrees to undertake the work necessary to complete the project up to a maximum contribution of $60,000,” Snell said. “The county will reimburse the city up to a maximum of $60,000. It’s a thoroughfare, so it will not be a 50/50 split.”

The projects should be complete by August 1, 2018.

The board unanimously approved both interlocal agreements.

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