Meadowbrook Update

A lack of money is the main reason a major thoroughfare on the Northside likely won’t be scheduled for repaving until 2020.

Jackson city officials say the city likely won’t consider repaving Meadowbrook Road until 2020, mainly because the city doesn’t have the funds to cover it.

Meanwhile, city leaders point to the fact that they have scheduled projects along two other Northeast Jackson thoroughfares: East Northside Drive and North State Street.

“We’ve already got 2019 planned out and it (Meadowbrook) wasn’t funded in 2019,” Public Works Director Robert Miller said. “It’s a simple as that.”

Next year, the city will be using one-percent funds to mill and overlay East Northside between I-55 North and North State Street, and North State from Fortification Street to Woodrow Wilson Avenue.

Additionally, the city will continue to provide local matching dollars for the North State Street TIGER grant project, which includes completely rebuilding a two-mile stretch of the thoroughfare from Hartfield Street to Sheppard Road. 

Meadowbrook between Old Canton Road and North State is one of the worst but busiest collector streets in Northeast Jackson. The roadway is riddled with potholes and utility cuts, and motorists often have to swerve to miss running into the worst crevasses.

The roadway is traveled by approximately 10,000 vehicles a day, according to Mississippi Department of Transportation traffic count maps. However, it has about half of the traffic of Northside and between 3,000 and 4,000 fewer drivers than State Street, maps show.

Like the other thoroughfares, the roadway is falling apart. According to data from a 2013 street survey, the majority of Meadowbrook between State Street and the interstate was listed in “poor” condition, with only one section that had not got beyond its serviceable life.

The road study was conducted by Stantec Consulting Services in 2013. Data was not released until early 2017. Stantec evaluated all lane miles of roadway in the capital city, and rated the roadways using specialized equipment.

Between North State and Kings Highway, the road had three years of remaining life, while between Childress Drive and Old Canton, the street had zero to two years of remaining life.


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