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CID Bill Goes to One Committee

A major roadblock has likely been removed in the effort to get Community Improvement Districts (CID) legislation passed.

SB 2897, which would allow neighborhoods in Jackson to create the districts will not go through the Senate Finance Committee.

After killing the bill last year by sending it to finance, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has referred the bill to the Senate Local and Private Committee.

Last year, the bill was double-referred to local and private and finance, where it was killed by Finance Chair Sen. Joey Fillingane.

“It shortens the path to get it passed in the Senate. Of course, it will be referred to the House and have to go through their committee process,” said District 25. Sen. Walter Michel, the bill’s principal author. “That’s good news.”

The bill would allow neighborhoods in the capital city to petition Jackson to form special taxing districts and use funds collected to make public improvements within them.

Many Northsiders back the measure because it could help improve quality of life and help them maintain property values. 

The measure is being co-authored by District 29 Sen. David Blount, and Sens. John Horhn, Hillman Frazier and Sollie Norwood.

The deadline for local and public bills to come out of committee is mid-March. However, Michel hopes the measure will be brought out sooner, so there will be plenty of time to get it passed through the House.



Lakeside Breaks Ground

Lakeside Presbyterian Church recently broke ground to celebrate their upcoming 2019 renovations. The church building located on Spillway Road, formerly the home of Pinelake Church, has been home to the Lakeside congregation for more than 12 years. “The renovations are going to be very dramatic, and I can’t wait for the community to see the results. We have been in this facility for more than a decade, and it’s time for a little facelift and maintenance,” said Pastor Tyson Taylor.

Plans for the renovation include updated features, such as oversized white precast columns at the front of the sanctuary, the installation of a grand steeple and a new exterior facade added to all of the buildings. “As a church, we are not very good at spending money on buildings; we prefer to spend dollars on missions and ministry. However, every once in a while, you have to take care of your facility to keep it viable for the next generation. This is going to be a truly stunning renovation with classical church features that you just don’t see anymore,” Taylor said.

Lakeside Presbyterian’s renovation construction will begin in mid-2019, and the church is hopeful to get it finished within the year.



New Sirens

Northsiders should have better warning of approaching storms, following the recent installation of two new storm sirens.

Hinds County recently completed the installation of new sirens, including two in Northeast Jackson. One is located at the corner of Old Canton Road and Northtown Drive, north of Christ United Methodist Church and the other on Northside Drive  in front of Chastain Middle School.

“It gives a total of 70 in the county,” Hinds County District One Supervisor Robert Graham said. “We are 99 percent covered (in District One).

The sirens cost approximately $100,000 and can be heard from 2.5 miles away.


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