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Medical marijuana ballot initiative signatures submitted

Mississippians for Compassionate Care submitted 105,686 certified signatures from registered voters to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office, placing medical marijuana on the 2020 ballot. [Steve Wilson]

In the past two election cycles, voters in the Republican leaning (or solidly Republican) states of Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah approved medical marijuana ballot initiatives. Will Mississippi be the next Republican state to join the mix in 2020? [Brett Kittredge]

What exactly would the process for receiving medical marijuana look like should voters approve the ballot initiative next fall? [Brett Kittredge]

If marijuana can provide relief to those suffering from terrible illnesses, it is unconscionable to criminalize patients for using it. And that is why liberty-minded conservatives should support the ballot initiative. [Jon Pritchett]

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New charter school approved

This week, the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board approved the ninth charter school to open in Mississippi, this school in Greenwood. It will be the second school to open outside of Jackson. [Brett Kittredge]

While one new school was approved, 13 others didn't make the cut. This continues the trend of rejecting most charter applicants. While Mississippi has taken a top-down approach to authorizing charters, others have put parents in control. What do those results look like? [Brett Kittredge]

The future for charter schools got a boost last week when the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of charter school funding. [Brett Kittredge]

Expanding school choice options, like more charter schools, could help the city of Jackson's outmigration problem as parents head for the suburbs when their children become school age. [Brett Kittredge]


Andy McCarthy tickets are going fast!

Andy McCarthy, a National Review Senior Fellow and the author of Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency, will be in Jackson on November 14 for the next event in our Liberty Luncheon series.

His book and insight provides a look behind the curtain of the real collusion that occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign. Tickets are going fast and you don't want to miss this event. We are also offering a limited number of tables for the event. Your table comes with 8 tickets and you will receive premium reserved seating. Order your tickets now!



"Veggie" burgers remain legal in Mississippi

New regulations will allow vegetarian and vegan companies to continue using meat or meat product terms on their labels. These new regulations are the result of a lawsuit filed by Institute for Justice and Mississippi Justice Institute in July. [Brett Kittredge]

The Jackson Convention Center was supposed to provide $66 million annually in economic activity for Jackson. Instead, it needs $131,000 from the city to pay its bills this month. [Steve Wilson]

State spending on Medicaid has grown by 27 percent since the state of Indiana expanded Medicaid. [Steve Wison]


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