Traffic changes

The county is looking to change their policy for homeowner associations that want to make positive traffic changes to their subdivisions, such as reducing speeding, adding speed bumps, or other deterrents of reckless driving.

“We’re actually updating the program because there are some issues that I have personally dealt with in the past,” Dan Gaillet, county engineer, said.

The first change, according to Gaillet, is making the initial signature sheet less “cumbersome,” requiring less signatures, but also asking for more detail on what homeowners are requesting.

Currently, 75 percent of homeowner signatures are required to make traffic changes within a Madison County neighborhood. However, the new program would only require 51 percent.

“Then we’d come back and go through the process — meet with the neighborhood, discuss what they want to do, go out there, mark where we would put the devices… Then (the homeowner) would have to go back and get that higher percentage (75 percent) to make sure that the neighborhood is buying off on what is being proposed,” Gaillet said.

This will allow neighborhood homeowners and associations to have two opportunities to vote on whether a change is needed.

The county road department will also propose different devices throughout the process, allowing homeowners to consider all options and their effectiveness before making a decision.

The new process is currently under review by county attorney Katie Bryant Snell.

In particular, Providence subdivision is looking to implement speed bumps or any kind of speed deterrent.

Property owner Lindsay Kellum approached the Madison County Board of Supervisors during an October meeting about the speeding problem in the subdivision.

“We are working on circulating a petition to have some speed bumps put into our neighborhood,” Kellum said. “We’ve had some issues with people running stop signs and driving recklessly through the neighborhood.”

“We’re reaching out for any help we can get,” Peter Whitman, Providence HOA president, said.

Gaillet said he can bring forward the new policy at the next board meeting following Snell’s review, and the county will be able to move forward with the Providence homeowners’ request as well as several others.

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