Work Delayed

The Stribling and Catlett intersection project has been delayed, but officials say it shouldn’t be by much.

“We’ve got an issue on the corner (of that intersection) that we’ve been trying to work through,” County Engineer Dan Gaillet said. “We’re also anticipating a lot of rain this week, and we’re trying not to do too much out there, then have sudden trouble with weather.”

Gaillet said the county engineering department and project contractor, Prosperity Construction, hopes to get back on track this week, but he added that it’s too early to provide an approximate completion date for the project.    

Originally, construction work began February 5 and was meant to take 90 days, and, in January, the county hired Prosperity at the low bid amount of $305,636.02.

The county engineering department is in charge of overseeing construction of the project, which includes building a 300-foot turn lane on Stribling Road turning south onto Catlett Road.

Gaillet said the 300-foot turn lane allows for about 25 feet per vehicle and about 12 cars to line up to turn during school carpool peak hours.

Stribling Road has an average daily traffic count of 8,200 vehicles, according to the Mississippi Department of Transportation Web site. Catlett Road has an average daily vehicle count of 7,300.

Last May, Gaillet advised the supervisors to opt for the turn lane instead of a one-lane roundabout at the intersection, which would have cost $750,000.

Gaillet and other county officials worked with Neel-Schaffer engineers to find the best solution for the buildup of cars every day during peak morning and afternoon hours. Many years ago, county officials even considered connecting Stribling Road to Stribling Road extension.

Eventually, Neel-Schaffer suggested a right-turn lane from Stribling, south onto Catlett to keep that traffic flowing.





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